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Fluff Hardware

Created for community

For over a decade WRC has worked side by side with owner and designer Solymar Palm to develop lasting systems and partnerships on her journey of building a company that doesn't just inspire connections, the company is built on enabling richer ones. 




Business Development

Community Partnership Coordinator

Social Media Strategy and Management

Content Strategy and Production


Campaign Strategy

Look book Production 

Copy writing

Web design 

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Fluff Hardware is unique vintage and nature inspired accessories brand made to foster confidence, courage and leadership in women and girls.



Owner/artist Solymar Palm has always had a passion for creating lovely things, large and small. After an encounter with a piece of found scrap metal in 2011 she fell in love with jewelry design and launched the artistic endeavor now called Fluff Hardware. As Solymar's small business grew, she realized that this new passion and form of self-expression facilitated her desire to lift up, and contribute to women's sense of individuality, confidence, and inner beauty. She is consistently made aware by her customers that the adornments she creates help them feel bold and fearless and ultimately more able to face the daily challenges of the modern woman. These facts are a major source of inspiration for her and she purposefully designs her accessories to compliment the unique strength and different styles of the beautiful women of the Pacific Northwest.

It's easy to see why Fluff functions as Solymar's creative outlet and labor of love.



What is the inspiration behind the Fluff line? Firstly, the beautiful and strong women of the Pacific Northwest are a major source of inspiration for owner Solymar Palm. Being born and raised in beautiful rustic Idaho gave her the opportunity to know an exorbitant amount of uniquely rugged, yet graceful women. Her surroundings and upbringing are also a major source of inspiration as they created a love for everything found in nature, and anything vintage. She developed an appreciation for the outdoors and venerable objects of times past as a result of spending many a summer in the Idaho mountains with her father as well as traveling to and from beautiful antiquated parts of Mexico with her mother. As a result, her love for the outdoors and old time objects is reflected in her designs.

Specific sources of inspiration include rustic barns & villas, classic distressed vehicles, the Art Deco era of the 20's and 30's, wildlife, wilderness, botanicals, rain/snow/wind/fire, mountains, and the organic and geometric shapes and colors of everything found in Mother Nature.

What does the imagery in the F of the logo represent? You may or may not have noticed that the F of our logo has small prickly thorns protruding from its base and that the flower on top resembles one you might find on a cactus. This is because cacti were the inspiration for our design and are always behind the mood or aura that emanates from our wares. Cacti evolved to flourish in rugged, rough terrain where not much else can survive, yet cacti can be delicate and ethereal and definitely always incredibly beautiful. This is why we consider the cactus our perfect "spirit plant". Not to mention that it can be found growing wild all across the northwest. Our wares embody everything that the cactus represents. Grit, resilience, tenacity, boldness, and beauty. We're grateful to mother nature for the gift of this inspiring muse. 



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