Cate Havstad, owner of Havstad Hat Co. is a traditionally trained hatter with a love for classic western silhouettes, as well as modern innovations in style. 



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With a background of fundamentals in classic western hat-making, Cate has been building hats independently as Havstad Hat Co in Central Oregon for 5 years now. Each hat is handcrafted from start to finish by Cate. From using the finest beaver fur felts made in the USA, the highest quality sheepskin leather sweatbands, to utilizing hand-shaping techniques and hunting down original hatter’s equipment dating back to the late 1800s, Cate’s approach to hat making both honors the history and traditions of the past while incorporating her modern day flare into her designs and business.

Now living on an organic farm in Madras, Oregon and working out of her Airstream workshop, Cate’s work continues to evolve in design and innovation. Her most recent collection features years of development in creating a plant-dye process for her hats. As hat-making and land stewardship becoming more intertwined in her life, her work seeks to reflect this in the creation of this plant-dyed hat collection. 

Photos by: Amanda Leigh Smith