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My name is Claire Everson and I am the founder of CEO of Western Reign Creative. Through WRC, myself and a small team of focused partners help creatives balance their time in their homes & workshops with the demands of online communities and market places.


After nearly fifteen years traveling and living around the United States working with craftsmen and small businesses I decided to set

roots back home in the high desert of Idaho to craft a life and build a company focused on creating regenerative systems in businesses that support the life of the owner and the integrity of craft. 

My team and I work remotely and in person throughout the Intermountain west and beyond in different capacities ranging from fabrication and project management to online community development and website building.


My goal is to help create systems and strategies that keep the creative reins in your hands, allowing you to stay engaged with what you love doing most.

I approach management and strategy through a regenerative & collaborative lens and use my nearly 20 years experience in creative direction and project management to help Craftsman, farmers & business owners identify opportunities to evolve the health and impact of their business. I founded WRC on the principle of reciprocity and the notion that the most effective and efficient way to engage in the world around us is through a deep understanding of the complex connections we have to each other and the land we call home. WRC works directly with individuals and small teams remotely and in the workshop to develop lasting systems and clear road maps as well as identify and deploy the proper tools necessary to get any job done. You can get in contact with us at with any inquires about projects or collaborations. 

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